Unturned StoreView
Unturned Store is an e-commerce site, targetted towards game server owners. It allows them to list products for sale on their servers easily and stylishly.
These products can then be purchased through paypal automatically. The primary focus of the project was to make a user friendly interface to promote the products, one method used to achieve this was by making use of a carousel to showcase them as it promotes interaction.
T1ny is a URL shortner, it allows users to take a larger less memorable url and convert it to a smaller one which when visited redirects to the original.
Unturned Info BotJoin
Unturned Info Bot is a community contribution based wiki in the form of a bot for the communications app Discord. It allows users to contribute new information to the wiki, or edit existing information, these changes are then approved by authorised users to prevent trolls. The bot has already been adopted by 30+ communities including ~4000 users.
Conquest BattlesView
Conquest Battles is a plugin for a game server, it is written and compiled from C#.